Dance Group Collaboration Opportunity

I'm looking for 3 groups of people to collaborate with on some unique group photos during the next two months. Ideally involving dance, but the groups can be creative as long as the ideas that we're working on are fun and vibrant. The shoot will be no-cost and will include the best images we take together.

WHY: I'm super excited to announce that in the coming months, I'll be taking my commercial dance photography services nationwide. I'm in the process of making some promotional materials to send out to interested companies. While reviewing my portfolio, I've noticed I need to add some more creative group work. This means I collaborate with a handful of groups to create some really fun shots for you to keep as well as to help build my promotional materials

What I'm looking for:

  • Groups with 2-9 members
  • Adults preferred
  • 16+ allowed w/parent
  • Dance/movement based
  • Creative themes


  • A group of YAGP participants from a dance company for this year
  • Outside night shoot with street lights and fun colors
  • In studio color shoot
  • Outside at a fun location, but with full commercial setup

Groups could be from a dance company, a self formed group of friends, or I might even form a group from interested individuals. Preference will be given to groups that present a creative idea to work on that would be visually interesting. A location that requires some travel is acceptable, but we'd need to talk through details. I'm happy to bring props, supplies and wardrobe from my studio that I already have, you would be responsible for other needed items

To apply, just reach out and tell me details of your idea. You can reach out on Instagram or by submitting this form.

Please explain the idea that you would like to work on and a list of dancers that would be coming (including their social media accounts)